The more Things change...


I am the thing that makes you sick
I am the blame that gets placed quick
Detect the crack within your lie
I'll be the wrath of your disdain
I'll be the fear in you ingrained
Become the facts that you deny

I can feel this pain is real
I hate deep down inside
And like broken glass
you'll shatter
With bloody fists I'll batter
Like a ten ton hammer

I'll be the trembling in your breath
Trickle of blood upon your flesh
You'd love to watch me take the fall
I'll be the thing that you despise
'Cause I'm the path to your demise
And I'm a be there standing tall


I can't stand or take another day my friend
You could learn a thing or two



It's been around for a thousand years
And it'll be here for plenty more
it is the face hidden in disgrace
That has become now an open sore
It is a false messiah
It is the face of pain
The bringer of the bittersweet
The heretic insane

Take my scars
Through hands of God
I found a better way
To break the walls

Fed all the lies and desensitized
Taught to believe that it is the way
Taught to divide and exactly why
You'll never understand my rage
You've never had to borrow
You've never had to steal
You eat it with your silver spoon
For me it's real


Blood and concrete
Piss and wine
Whores that fuck
To feel divine
They'll clean their needles
In their shrine
In ignorance
It's bliss you find
Why can't you fuckin' open
Open up your eyes


Give me power to end all of the strife
Courage to kill the pro-life
I don't want to see
You can't change me
You tell me not to bow
Just follow for now
You're oh so holier than thou

The more things change
The more they stay the same
The more
Things change
The more
They stay the same

Give me patience to deal with all the strain
Balance to take the fuckin' pain
I don't want to fake
And I won't break
We're too happy to be
In our apathy
We smile single file to the line


So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
We gotta wake up
You don't know you're right
Your right from wrong
We gotta wake up


Bow down to no one
Bow down to none

Straight down
Been going
Been sleepwalkin'
In a violent haze
This world
In ruin
The chain shackles
Like a foul disease


This rage
This struggle
It is a feeling
That's devouring
Can't break
Can't fuckin' give in
The pain will lead us
Through the blistering



And I watched through bitter eyes
As the blood filled in the cracks, black
A burning effigy
Told me I should kneel 'cause
I'm worshipping
With terror, a disease
Burn the sacred oil

They told us there'd never come a day
They told us that we need not worry
So we fucked around, thought this shit would change
And turned our eyes away

I am the power siege
And the rush you will feel, thrill
Exploding out of me
Through clenched teeth I will scream out
We're suffering
With malice you deceive
Puke sold as salvation


And I watched it slip away
And you watched it slip away
And we watched it slip away
'Cause no one took a stand


Bitterness infested, justice is molested
Govern my contested ways
As a child arrested, as a man detested
Happiness inside my pain
You hate my life
Because you see my strife
Could never understand or try
It makes me mad
Because it makes me sad
But I don't care why

You fake it, mistake it
Fuck it away
Your lying is trying
My dignity

I see right through your soul
Can't help but feel this cold
But this city made me so

Life is filled with deception, unwanted inception
Want redemption for it all
All my life frustrated, pushed, alienated
Wait for me to take a fall
My faith has waned
Because I feel the strain
In my eyes it's all gone wrong
We'll rise above
From this lack of love
It won't be long now



I'm not the only one
Can't be the only one


I gotta rise, I'm sick of your lies
And I won't be your scapegoat now
Ain't gonna bend and won't 'til the end
Understand on my word I vow
A pig, a pig, that's all you'll ever be
I'm sick of it, at the end of my wits
The next time that you fuck with mine
I'm gonna snap like I never have before

Your law's the flaw
Upon this nation
Your lies despised
By generations

I got a friend might not walk again
And your laws never helped at all
Go fuck your clause, your probable cause
Power trippin' above us tall
Afraid, afraid and so you better be
'Cause when I call you're not around
Serve and protect and give some respect
'Cause next time that you shake me down
I'm gonna snap like I never have before


Your lies despised
Your law's the flaw
Upon this nation
Upon this nation
Upon this nation
Your lies despised
By generations


I want you to know this
I want you to know just what I feel
You told me through sacred lies
I told you once with bloodshot eyes
You told me don't ask
Just stay away from me
You told me it'd be alright
I told you once, then told you twice
You can't face
Can't you face me

I won't pray for you
I can't pray for you
Because you took it away
Because you took it from me

First verse


Thought I could never ever fuckin' find another
Get a mothafuckin' chance again
Because the power is the rage that can devour
Gotta make that fear descend
Without it, you ain't shit
And you ain't shit to me
Berating, a scathing
Grave indignity
I see the look inside your eyes
It make me sick
Defiling innocence
Is how you get your kicks
You violate, and then you think yourself a man
You violate, and then you call yourself a man
Don't come my way
Don't care what you say
Pray you fuckin' die
Before you feel my...


You stabbed me in the back over a sliver
A feeling I have been betrayed
Both hands broken together
Clenching fists cause the rage

It comes in spades
From a life of pain
I don't care 'cause I don't give a fuck

It tears a path right through me
A systematic vision of survival
A struggle I alone engage
Tension burning inside me
Blood so sweet cause revenge


Revenge is mine
Suffering divine
Fractures break through bone
Frustration won't let go
Filled with lead and dumped into the river
And buried in a shallow grave
Both hands broken together
Clenching fists cause the rage


A blind man asked an angel
Could you please help
But was told
Take me from this altar
I won't falter
But I might fall
This bitter man would understand
Through all his life, a needle had
Been his saviour, been his god
So he tried to make a change
Tried to rearrange
Gun at his side, suicide

I can't help feel I been mistreated
Won't you listen to me

Despise all that I see
All that I feel
All that I want to be
Burned, blistered and raw
Tearing apart
All that is sane to me

A wise man, half pariah
Half messiah
Came to seed
Rain down blood like fire
Born to sire
Racist breed
His dominance of ignorance
Was rhetoric that made no sense
Some believed in all the lies
But in my mind I know what's wrong
Way too fucking strong
Taste revenge on my tongue



And now is my time to rise
And now is our time to rise
Our time
To rise
Ignorant, indignant
Promises made in vain
Rise, I can't see like you
Rise, I can't feel like you
Rise, never be like you
Rise, time for us all to

11) COLORS (Bonus Digipack)

I am a nightmare walking - psychopath talking
King of my jungle - just a gangster stalking
Living life like a firecracker - quick is my fuse
Then dead as a deathpack - the colors I choose
Red or blue cause a blood - it just don't matter
Sucker die for your life with my shotgun scatters
We gangs of C.A. will never die....just multiply

Colors !

You don't know me, fool - you disown me
I don't need your assistance, social persistance
Any problem I got I just put my fist in
My life is violent, but violent is life
Peace is a dream, reality is a knife
My colors my honour my colors my all
With my colors upon me one soldier stands tall
Tell me what have you left me, what have I got
Last night in cold blood my boy --- got shot
My home got jacked, my mother's on crack
My sister can't work cause her arms show trax

Madness insanity - live in profanity
Then some punk claimin they understandin me
Give me a break, what world do you live in
Death is my sect, guess my religion

Colors !

My pants are saggin braided hair
Suckers stare but I don't care
My game ain't knowledge - my game's fear
I've no remorse so squares beware
But my true mission is just revenge
You ain't in my sect, you ain't my friend
Wear the wrong color - your life could end
Homicide's my favorite venge (beach ?)

Colors !

I'll just walk like a giant - police defiant
You'll say to stop - but I'll say that I can't
My gangs my family - it's all that I have
I'm a star - on the walls is my autograph
You don't like it - so you know where you can go
Cause the streets are my stage - and terror's my show
Psychoanalyze - tried diagnosing me wise
It wasn't your brother that brutally died
But it was mine - so let me define
My territory don't cross the line
Don't try to act crazy - cause the shit don't thank me
You can be read like a punk - it wouldn't amaze me
Cause my colors death - though we all want peace
But our war won't end - till all will cease
Colors !

12) MY MISERY (Bonus Digipack)

You said when that day came
Strength is all I had
You said when that day would come
I'll know the sound of fear
But now you ask for forgiveness
You ask for my respect
You beat upon me 'till I broke
Stripping, taking
Everything from me

Drain me of my power
Suck me of my strength
Strip me of my will to live
My soul you desecrate
N'if it takes me dying
To make some History
Then on to you my suffering
Will ever, forever
Burn in misery

I was born to reign
Messiah of pain
I had earned the right
I'm the demon knight

Drain me of my power
Suck me of my strength
Strip me of my will to live
My soul you desecrate
N'if it takes me dying
To make some History
Then on to you my suffering
Will ever, forever
Burn in misery